Milestones – The Measuring Tools for Self-Actualisation

Life is simple; if you are bored, it is important that you fulfil an achievement in your life. This achievement need not be too big; all you need is something to accomplish. You may say your accomplishments are small and inconsequential, but from these easy tasks, you slowly begin to see how things pile up to become medium to difficult tasks that play a crucial role in your life.

Milestones are one’s greatest achievements. With a little effort on a daily basis, it evolves into a bigger effort and eventually propels one into achieving their intended results.

Boredom is possibly a result of a lack of imagination, or a lack of concentration to see things in a different manner. Boredom may also pertain to inactivity; when a human is inactive, they lose all motivation to do something because of its difficulty or they are only looking at the bigger picture instead of the process.

When one always concentrates on the bigger picture, one loses one’s self. The significance of small things are downplayed, but these small things are the very foundation of such dreams. Reality is not made of just objects alone, but people who have created the objects.

In case you feel a lack of self-confidence or you lack the diligence to accomplish something, remember that you might be in need of achieving something. Again, it need not be too big; just something that could reassure yourself that you are capable of creating and finishing something.

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Appreciating the Small Things

Daily, most people may wake up to a sense of cynicism. People complain about the traffic, about their work, and many other things that are relevant to their lives. When people wake up with negativity, the entire day goes down the drain, productivity, motivation and everything else.

People rarely realise that small, positive things exist in their daily lives. The capability to earn money is one. Even if you are underemployed, the job you may dislike could actually earn you things that can make you happy. If one has a perspective that they have an earning job, the capability to earn, and the abilities that make this capability possible, that is when they realise that they have something positive on a daily basis.

Appreciating the small things can be difficult; many things that people find convenient are easily overlooked. Having parents, friends, family, and a serious relationship, is one. Oftentimes, people take for granted these relationships, and merely objectify these people for their conveniences, rather than treasure the fact that people care for them, and their personal capability to care for these people and make them special.

When one complains, it is because their intended expectations are not met. Instead, they look at the negative because it is real. But the positives are also real; people just have to look at it closely, even if it requires a microscope to find.

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Focus: This is How You Avoid Boredom

The internet is an efficient communication and research device; it provides information quickly whenever you need it. However, in today’s world, people get bombarded by information from everywhere, which makes it difficult to pay attention to just one item as much as you would like. This is how people get too easily bored; you get a taste of everything, you get tired of everything too easily as well.

However, training your concentration and focus can reverse this tide of life that you might have. Here are a few things that could help you understand why focus will help ease your boredom.

1. Productivity
When people do something, they know that the time they spent doing it is time indeed well-spent. But because of a short attention span, people lose their capability to become productive, which makes it difficult to achieve something, especially when one fails to do something repeatedly because of a difficult attention span.

2. Learning
Focus and concentration helps you learn and absorb the information much better. You also improve your memory, as you focus on every bit of information you read.

3. Creativity
Even people who become creative are not spared from attention-span problems. Nowadays, artists become easily bored with their work, and they forget their inspiration for their creativity instantly. By learning to focus, an artist can find their inspiration inside themselves instantly, and proceed with their activity flawlessly.

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When You Influence People Against an Idea, You Are Already Discriminating

When European and American expeditions reached different lands in Asia and Africa during the early days of civilisation, many of the cultures they saw were primitive in many continents. As the expeditionists conquered the lands either through violence or diplomacy, they exuded the superiority of the western world’s ideology and civility, which had them discriminate against the culture and background of the natives from the new world.

History shows us that narrow-mindedness could lead to destructive consequences. With the world’s economic balance divided because the western world had sapped the identity and capability of these now-developing countries from the core of their historical development, diversity to help the global economy today is now staggering.

True freedom is when you could express what you want, but you are discriminating if you are trying to influence another person’s way of thought is incorrect just because you do not agree with it and you publicly disapprove him or her along with the idea.

Even people who say that a particular person should be more open-minded and had disagreed with the person’s opinion publicly to favour crowd influence is a person not different from the one shaming another person because of their color, or sexuality.

You give true freedom to another person if you allow them to say what they want to say and you give yourself the choice to or not to listen to the person. This is what being undiscriminating means; giving other people the sense that they have the freedom to believe and do what they think is right.

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Barclay’s PPI Claim Taxation Calculations Might Be Wrong

According to former Team Leader of Barclay’s Financial Reconciliations department Chris Boyle, Barclays’ taxation on interest regarding PPI claims may not be accurate because other departments deliberately erred the numbers with too many exceptions. Boyle told senior officials about the problem through a letter upon his resignation, which had Barclays launch an investigation regarding the possible problem.

According to Chris Boyle, the different departments of Barclays were impartial to their employees. As a contractor working in financial reconciliations, he and his team had to process several items that was beyond their capability, which may lead to error.

PPI is the UK’s biggest financial scandal. Millions of people are trying to claim PPI compensation from their banks. Barclays currently has the highest number of complaints in general insurance including PPI. The numbers that Boyle and his team had to handle, with deliberate errors in calculations, he took as a sign of “bullying.”

In an official statement, Barclays said that the company does not tolerate bullying, and that the entire issue may have been resolved if Boyle came forward as soon as he could. He only told about the issue as he was about to resign. However, they are taking the matter very seriously and are trying to fix the taxation problems with consumer PPI recompense.

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Always Have A Back Up Plan

It only takes a minute detail to shatter every part of your well-made plan and destroy what you hoped to achieve in the first place. A back-up plan is important because it helps you instantly recover from a failure. When making a plan, knowing it can fail is an essential part of planning.

Improvisation is a skill learned not through academic or theoretical education, but through experience. Life is about failing and coming back up to build yourself. It is when you can measure the depth of the pit that you know where you are falling and where you could use tools to stop your fall short.

A back-up plan can be something pre-planned or just a natural reaction to a situation, calling on all your mental facilities to be resourceful, quick and capable. Of course, you may not spare yourself some dangers and ensure yourself of any positive result, but your efforts will make you see where you lacked and what you can do about it.

A pre-planned back up is more of anticipation rather than an actual plan. It is having the necessary tools on standby in case something happens. A stage play will have more than one set of lights because it is possible some of these lights may go haywire and a replacement will be needed.

So, do not be afraid to make mistakes because it will help you develop your abilities in improvisation, and it is highly important in today’s professional world to be adaptable.

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Life’s Unfair, Deal With It

We all have rough days on the job regardless of how much you love doing your job. There will always be superiors or other employees who would irritate you. There will always be people who would spread rumours about you. You might not even get your salary on time. However, if you really want to grow as a person, thinking that life’s unfair can definitely help you toughen up.

Life’s unfair because life never had a standard of fairness in the first place. Laws and governments could only try to limit the capabilities of people and put them in an ethical position, but in the end, someone can still find a loophole to exploit other people. Exploitation is something immense, especially when you realize a company is paying less taxes than your company.

Life’s unfair because not everyone has an equal chance for success in both career and love. However, someone who looks at the unfairness as a challenge instead of an obstacle, may find success. I’ve found myself working and satisfied as a junior clerk in my work, only to find some rare occasions, such as a senior quitting his work, to have me in his place instead. You may call this luck, but when you feel satisfaction, even if forced, time passes quicker and you can see a change in opportunity that you will still continue to deny.

Philosophers have only said that the person who finally accepts he is imprisoned is the only one who finds the exit. Indeed this is true, because there are many exits in a prison, not just the door right in front of you.

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Forming a Better You In 2014

Ideals aside, being a good person to yourself and then to other people is the most important part of living. This new year brings everyone a chance at redemption for previous faults and shortcomings. Every person has some faults that need resolution, and here are a few things you could do for yourself.

1. Accept That You Will Break Your Resolutions
Cynicism is different from realism because you admit evidence in realism first before your criticize it. If you accept that you can possibly break your resolutions, then you will be better at accepting your own faults. You will then discover your weaknesses and find ways to improve such weaknesses to your advantages without being discouraged.

2. Struggle
The struggle is similar to a fire to a diamond, or to the breaking of a butterfly’s cocoon. It takes force and strength to develop yourself and meet your own expectations. Any form of struggle and challenge is time consuming and it is in the process that one needs to find happiness, not in the results.

3. Believe in Yourself
Even if you failed in something the previous years, which ended up in hurling fault and dismay to other people, always believe in yourself. The people you failed in the past have likely forgiven you and it is time that you forgave yourself. When you forgive yourself, you learn to set the goals you need to become a better person.

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The Fourth Wave of Feminism is One Of Double Standards

According to Author Richard Godwin, Christmas is a season of feministic proportions despite the heavy-handed news of increasing domestic violence in most western homes this season. While many knowledgeable people understand the value of feminism and of global issues surrounding the equality of men and women in opportunity and lifestyle, many women are still in the dark and do not care at all about the equal rights of women in the different areas of the world.

Godwin’s satirical article, which is humorous as it presents a focal point in today’s popular culture, shows how double standards are actually dominating the society of men and women today. While it is true that the quality of life for women had increased to a more positive manner, many still restrain themselves to feeling their own importance. Whereas men only realize their importance through their profession, women tend to want the attention of men while at the same time being critical about their lack of outlook about the needs of women.

It is true that women may not be as straightforward as men, but to get on equal footing, women must also give men leeway about what they think of women. As men may think of women as sexual objects, women can do so, but they still retain a pride of demure that stops them from doing so.

Equal rights, and feminism, is not all about how special the woman is, but of fairness for both sides, including men.


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Miley Cyrus Claims She’s a Feminist

Miley Cyrus said that she is one of the biggest feminists in the world in an interview. She also discussed her role and image in modern feminism as her shocking stage persona and music videos come off as raunchy and hypersexed to the general public.

She said that she feels like she’s one of the biggest feminists in the world because her image and videos tell the women in the world they do not need to fear scrutiny and be proud of one’s self. She said that she’s not doing it because she’s a feminist, but she wants people to not care about what other people think about what they do with their lives or what they want to look like.

Miley said that she’s a feminist in a way that she empowers women. However, not everyone agrees. According to Sociologist Catherine Hakim, there’s no contradiction about being a feminist and being comfortable in showing one’s feminism. She said Miley uses the raunchy style to please new fans and increase her fan base. She is indeed doing what she wants to do, but she is never the image of a feminist.

It is never new news that women in media will use the word feminism in accordance to hypersexuality in media, which contributes to the negative value associated with the term in many cultures.

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